Am I Eligible?

Who is Eligible For Regional Center Services?

Section 4512 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code

A person is eligible for Regional Center Services if they have a “substantial developmental disability,” that originates before the age of 18 and will likely continue indefinitely. The criteria includes intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and disabling conditions similar to intellectual disability that require comparable treatment. Disabling conditions that are solely physical or psychiatric in nature, or solely a learning disability are not eligible for services.

A parent, guardian, conservator, or a person with a developmental disability who is over 3 years of age may begin by contacting the Intake Coordinator for your county. The Intake Coordinator will ask a series of questions to establish possible eligibility and if appropriate you may then receive a packet of information with forms that need to be completed and returned to IRC. For San Bernardino County call (909) 890-3053 and for Riverside County call (909) 890-3370.

Who Is Eligible for the Early Start Program?

Infants and toddlers (age 0 to 36 months) who are at risk of having developmental disabilities or who have a developmental delay may also qualify for services. The criteria for determining the eligibility of infants and toddlers is specified in Section 95014 of the California Government Code. In addition, individuals at risk of having a child with a developmental disability may be eligible for genetic diagnosis, counseling and other prevention services. For information about these services, see Early Start.

To apply for Early Start services, San Bernardino County residents call (909) 890-4711 and Riverside County residents and Spanish speaking only families call (909) 890-4763.