Self Determination Program (SDP)

For a very brief summary of the Self Determination Program, click here. If you would like more information, refer to the Department of Developmental Services web site for Self Determination Updates.

Attached you will find a list of UCI Numbers. These numbers are associated with the consumers and families that have indicated to their Service Coordinator that they are interested in being considered for the Self Determination Program. If you do not see your UCI# listed, and you are want to be part of the program, or you thought you had already told them you were interested, please contact your Service Coordinator again and tell them you are interested in the Self Determination Program. They will add your interest in your Individual Program Plan (IPP) either through an IPP addendum, or when you do your annual IPP.

Consumers chosen for the program will be chosen by the Department of Developmental Services using a matrix that includes diagnosis, ethnicity, age, geographic location, and possibly other criteria as well. Then if chosen, the consumer and family can either be a part of the program, or decline if circumstances have changed.

Self Determination Program Interest List

May 24, 2016 SCDD Self Determination Advisory Committee Agenda

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