Probation and Audit Documents

For the most updated information from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) on the probationary status, follow the links below. Please note that on each Table of Contents, the rectangles represent links to the packet.


Financial / Audit Reports

Inland Regional Center provides the following information to help maintain program and fiscal transparency to the public.  This documentation shows how IRC spends the tax dollars received from the State of California.






Inland Regional Center 2016 Purchase of Service Data

POS Disparity Meeting March 30 2017 Spanish

POS Disparity Meeting March 30 2017 English

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Report for FY 2012-2013 ending June 30, 2013

Diversity/Disparity Assurance Plan 2015-2016



What is a performance contract? Every year, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) contracts with regional centers in California to serve consumers and families.

To follow the law, DDS and each regional center develop a performance contract to determine and help measure how each center delivers services as established by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act.

Performance contract measurements, along with examination of its financial claims, is the way to assure funding for each regional center is used appropriately.

The performance contract is made up of different outcome areas as determined by DDS for the state of California

HOWEVER, community input is vital to development of details of the contract: What each regional center will do that is important in their service area and how they will perform to better serve individuals and families..

We encourage you to view and provide comment to the current performance contract. This 5-year contract with the Department of Developmental Services  was developed through a public input process and was ratified on November 10, 2014 by the Board of Trustees. We have developed an online Performance Contract Survey for your convenience.  Click on the link below to submit your comments using the online survey:

2017 Performance Contract Plan Presentation

**Requesting Your Input on 2016 Performance Contract Addendum Items**

2016 Performance Contract Plan APPROVED 11 9 15

2015 Performance Contract Plan BD APPROVED 11 10 14 REV 11 17 14 FINAL doc

2015 Year End Spring Report 3 25 16

Caseload Ratio 2016

DDS letter and plan of action 6-7-2016

Regional Center Functional Operations Staffing Survey December 2016

IRC Caseload Ratio Survey POC FINAL Signed 2017