Inland Regional Center Raises Awareness for Developmental Disabilities

Inland Regional Center Raises Awareness for Developmental Disabilities

Dress-Up Days Collage

Inland Regional Center (IRC) participated in a series of events designed to honor and celebrate individuals with developmental disabilities, during the months of March and April.

IRC kicked off disability awareness season on March 1, by joining the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign. The campaign aims to stop the use of the R-word, a word that in recent years changed from a clinical term to a word of derision. Participants signed an online pledge to use “people first language” that respectfully puts the person before their disability.

IRC staff then dressed up for disabilities, in observance of three internationally recognized awareness days. Staff donned Lots of Socks on March 21 for World Down Syndrome Day, to celebrate the vital roles people with Down Syndrome play in our community.  On March 26, staffers took part in Purple Day, by wearing their favorite shade of purple to get people talking about Epilepsy. The dress-up days culminated with staffers participating in Light it Up Blue, on April 2 to commemorate the start of Autism Awareness Month. In addition to IRC staff participating in awareness efforts, IRC clients, their families, service providers, and members of the public, joined in and shared their support via photos and posts on social media.

“Awareness events allow us to recognize the disability community in fun and innovative ways,” said IRC Community Engagement Manager CJ Cook. “We can celebrate the community that is near and dear to us, while also advocating for increased acceptance, inclusion, and empowerment of people with disabilities.”

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