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Temple Grandin’s stress-management lessons

THE BOSTON GLOBE - When we think about people with disabilities, we often focus on what’s wrong with them, what they need help with, how we can help them. But at MIT’s Media Lab, researchers are trying to learn stress management from people with autism.Read More

When a Basketball Team Hears a Cheerleader Get Bullied from the Stands Their Reaction is Pure Class

IJREVIEW.COM - A group of middle school students in Kenosha, Wisconsin, have shown that all it takes to stop bullying is courage and character. Read More

Initial results show local girl will win special bike

VICTORVILLE DAILY PRESS - Initial competition results show a local 9-year-old girl suffering from a number of serious health conditions, including cerebral palsy, quadriplegia and epilepsy, is on track to take a step toward a life of more freedom thanks to a special bike. Read More

Polar plunge to benefit Special Olympics

PRESS ENTERPRISE - This week Mother Nature delivered fresh snow to Big Bear Lake. It comes just in time to add an extra nip to the lake for the brave men, women and children who will plunge into the chilly water to raise funds to benefit Special Olympics athletes. Read More

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