Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Work Activity Program Services Maximum Billing Days Notice

Laws and Regulations:


Competitive Integrated Employment Incentive Payments:

This section outlines the incentive payments for the placement and retention of clients in competitive integrated employment (CIE) paid at minimum wage or higher.

Rate Changes as a Result of ABX2-1 and the State Budget

Survey to Determine Provider Rate Increases

4&5 bed ARM rate schedule:

Each community care facility’s (CCF) rate schedule as of July 1, 2016, will be established and set at either the four or five bed rate, depending on the number of clients in the facility. Both ARM rate schedules and a link to the Excel spreadsheet showing a breakdown of rates can be found by clicking on the link above.

Paid Internships:

The purpose of the program is to promote skill attainment for future paid employment for consumers, or for the internship to turn into full or part time paid employment.

CMS-FR- Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Provider Funding for Compliance Activities:

The 2016 Budget Act (SB 826, Chapter 23, Statutes of 2016) contains $15 million to help fund changes necessary for regional center service providers to come into compliance with the HCBS rules. The letter and accompanying enclosures sent to regional centers are available by following the link above.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Subminimum Wage Limitations per Wage and Hour Division:


CCIR List Brochure

The Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the United States Department of Labor has issued guidelines on the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA), taking effect July 22, 2016.  WIOA added a new section 511 to the Rehabilitation Act and it limits the ability of vendors holding a 14(c) certificate to pay a subminimum wage to people with disabilities.

Free- Employment Development Workshop

Effective January 1, 2017, due to the implementation of Senate Bill 3, the minimum wage in California will increase from $10.00 to $10.50 an hour for employers with 26 or more employees.  

The attached letter will explain more. 

Minimum Wage Increase letter 1-2017


Office of Federal Programs and Fiscal Support Department of Developmental Services HCBS website

Each individual served by Inland Regional Center is unique and requires a diverse set of services tailor-made to meet their needs. We value each and every one of our providers and vendors – your education, experience and skills are invaluable to providing high-quality care to our consumers and families.

This section includes your need-to-know info for working with IRC. Please read each item or skip to the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) of your choice.

Important Updates

Additional Clarification Regarding Phishing Email Alert

Changes to the use of Travel Agencies for client vacation, begining Janaury 1, 2017

Guidelines for Personal and Incidental Funds


Frequently Asked Question

What is IRC’s Service Philosophy?

At IRC, we value our partnerships with all service providers and vendors. Our Service Philosophy is:

  • To establish partnerships that are transparent.
  • To uphold policies and Request for Proposal (RFP) procedures that are fair to all parties.
  • To ensure equal opportunity when selecting new business partners.
  • To provide resources and support to the best of our ability.



What is IRC’s Request for Proposal (RFP) Process?

At IRC, we are committed to a transparent and fair RFP process for all applicants. Our RFP process is guided by a selection committee with community representation, actions are reported and monitored by the State of California Department of Developmental Services (DDS), and feedback is provided to all applicants upon request. The IRC Board of Trustees must vote to approve any contract $250,000 or higher.

For a copy of IRC’s Procurement Policy, please click here.

To start the process of becoming an IRC vendor, please contact IRC’s Resource Development Unit at (909) 890-3473 or




How Do I Become a Residential Service Provider?

IRC’s New Residential Service Providers Orientation (NRSPO) is held four times per year. Qualified applicants are required to attend the full orientation to receive a NRSPO certificate.

Please use the links below to answer questions related to NRSPO, find out if you are qualified to attend and download an application.

Please follow the submission timelines as noted on the NRSPO update. Completed applications may be returned to or mailed to:

Inland Regional Center

Attn: RDTU
PO Box 19037
San Bernardino, CA, 92423-9037

NRSPO Frequently Asked Questions

New Residential Service Provider Orientation Update

New Residential Service Provider Qualifications

New Residential Service Provider Application

Still have questions? Please email

NOTE: Successful completion of vendorization for a residential care facility with IRC does not guarantee referral or placement of residents in your facility (Title 17, Section 54322).



How Do I Access Frequently Used Forms?

CCL Centrally Stored Medication (LIC622).pdf

Consultant Hour Guidelines (Commonly Asked Questions and Answers).pdf

Consumer Information Face Sheet.pdf

Consumer Inventory Chart.pdf

DCS Continuing Education.pdf

DDS Consumer Rights Poster.pdf

Direct Care Staff Hours Log.pdf

Documentation of Consumer Rights Review.pdf

Employee Orientation Form.pdf

Facility Staff Schedule.pdf

Fire Drill.pdf

House Meeting Record.pdf

Medical and Dental Appointments.pdf

Medication Administration Record.pdf

Medication Change Notice.pdf

Medication List.pdf

P & I Guidelines

Photo Waiver

Physician’s Report for CCFs (LIC602).pdf

Rights of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (DSP304).pdf

Staff Record Checklist.pdf

Vendor Special Incident Form.pdf



How Do I Access Online Billing

Thank you for your service to consumers with Inland Regional Center. Included below is a payment schedule for your reference.

Inland Regional Center has four scheduled pay dates per month. The fourth of each month has been established as the billing cut off for the first three pay dates. Bills received after the cut off date are considered late billings.

If you have questions about payments or billing, please contact the POS unit at (909) 890-3441 and ask for the duty officer.



Is there a Vendor Advisory Committee?

The Vendor Advisory Committee, led by a Board of Trustees Voting Member, is a forum for vendors and providers to discuss needs, issues, and concerns relating to consumer and family services, procedures, legislation, and more. At IRC, we believe these items are incredibly valuable to address and we welcome your feedback. Issues discussed at VAC meetings are reported to the Board of Trustees. For more information, please read the Vendor Advisory Committee Bylaws .

VAC Meetings are held the third Monday of every other month, except for the month of February when it will be held on the fourth Monday.  For upcoming dates, please visit the IRC Calendar.

If you wish to become a VAC member, please contact Coby Carwile at (909) 890-3416 or

Current Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

VAC Meeting Minutes 02-13-2017

How Do I Join the E-mail Distribution List?

Keeping you up-to-date on the latest IRC happenings and events is important to IRC. Each month, we produce three e-newsletters for our vendors and providers. To sign up for the Resource Round Up, IRC Connection or the Board Bee, please ‘Join Our Mailing List.’



What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance (QA) is a dynamic process by which Inland Regional Center, service providers, consumers, families, and interested people all participate in an effort to improve the level of excellence of a specific service or support.

Inland Regional Center’s Quality Assurance team works with our vendors to ensure the provision of quality services to our consumers in compliance with Title 17 Regulations. The team evaluates and investigates reports, complaints or concerns that may be a violation of a consumer rights and/or is a health and safety issue. The Quality Assurance team also encourages further improvement through provision of technical assistance.



How Do I File a Comment, Question or Appeal?

IRC is committed to maintaining positive, fair and transparent relationships with all of its consumers, families, vendor, and providers. We make every effort to meet the needs of our communities and we value your feedback. There are many factors, including organizational and legislative law, that drive many of the decisions we make. If you disagree with a decision we have made, please contact your main IRC contact and discuss it with them immediately. In many cases, these items can be resolved internally amongst partners.

In the event that we are unable to resolve things internally, you have the right to file an appeal via the Fair Hearing Process. The California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4700 mandates that Regional Centers shall have a fair hearing procedure for resolving conflicts between IRC and applicants for, or recipients of service. This procedure may be used to appeal any action of IRC which is believed to be illegal, discriminatory or not in the best interest of the applicant or recipient.

Please click here to learn more about the DDS Fair Hearing and Complaint Process.

To speak to an IRC representative about the DDS Fair Hearing and Complaint Process, please call (909) 890-3031.




What Kind of Training is Available to a Service Provider?

Inland Regional Center does provide some CEU trainings throughout the year. They are called Provider Information Training and Care Provider Enrichment Training. Please refer to the web site calendar for scheduled dates. IRC would also like to assist our service providers / consultants to stay as informed as possible by linking you to information as it relates to individuals with developmental disabilities.  Below you will find links to online webinars / training classes that can assist you in staying current.

TASH Webinars, an organization dedicated to individual with severe/multiple disabilities.

DSM-V webinar first presented by the Association of Regional Centers (ARCA)

Talk About Curing Autism webinars

National Down Syndrome Society monthly webinar

Find a Red Cross CPR class
Find an American Heart Association CPR class
A Fun CPR Class based in Moreno Valley


The Department of Developmental Services established a competency-based training program that is mandatory for all direct support staff (and administrators who provide direct support) working in licensed community care facilities.   In September 2015, the Riverside County Office of Education took on the responsibility for direct support training and testing. Please click on link below for more information:

Direct Support Professional Training (DSPT) Information

Suggested Holidays to Observe

The Vendor Advisory Committee supports a suggested basic schedule of closure days:

  • July 4, 2017, Independence Day
  • September 4, 2017, Labor Day
  • November 23, 2017, Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25, 2017, Christmas Day
  • January 1, 2018, New Year’s Day
  • May 28, 2018, Memorial Day


This is NOT like the old mandatory “Uniform Holiday Schedule” but only a suggested list of holidays.  If a provider chooses to remain open on the supported holidays, they will need to coordinate with the consumer’s other providers—such as day/work program, residence providers and transporters to ensure adequate delivery of services.  Communication will be key to ensure the consumers are receiving all services and transportation is available.

What is the latest Request for Proposal (RFP)/Notice of Need?

If interested in becoming a committee member for the review of future Request for Proposals, please contact Meredith Gage at (909) 890-3392 or via email

Current request for proposal, please see below for the RFP Project 1,2,3-NPO

FY 2015 2016 CPP Awards and FY 2016 2017 CPP Awards

REQUEST FOR NEED Vehicle Safety Inspection

REQUEST FOR NEED Adult Residential Facility (ARF) Level 2

REQUEST FOR NEED Children’s Home (Group Home) Levels 2 – 4I-home-levels-2-4i

REQUEST FOR NEED Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) Levels 3 and 4

REQUEST FOR NEED Adult Residential Facility (ARF) Levels 4A – 4I


REQUEST FOR NEED Intermediate Care Facility Developmentally Disabled – Nursing (ICFDD/N)

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL  IRC CPP Project #4 Enhanced Behavioral Support Home (EBSH) Hemet/Winchester or surrounding cities

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL  IRC CPP Project #6 Community Placement Plan (CPP) 2016-2017 Adult Specialized Residential Facility (SRF) Palm Desert/Cathedral City or surrounding cities


Selection Committee Announcement